Every three years, ROCS holds a choral composition competition, open to choristers in the Australian Intervarsity Choral (AICSA) community. The last ROCS Occasional Choral Composition Concert (ROCCC) was held in Semester 2 of 2013. For ROCCC, origional choral compositions are sought from entrants who wish to hear their works performed by a choir. This encourages choristers in the AICSA choirs to have a go at composition, expanding their skills and understanding of music. It also gives everyone a wonderful feeling to be sharing new music and learning together.


ROCCC 2016 is HERE! Get your brain juices flowing and start jotting down those tunes - ROCS is expecting entries from AICSA choristers all over Australia and we look foward to performing a selection of the best on stage for our Semester 2 concert of 2016!


You have from now until the 4th of July to create and submit your entry to the competition. Choristers of all composition experience levels are encouraged to try their hand and present a piece of as much simplicity or complexity as they wish. Just remember, the goal is for ROCS to be able to sing these pieces, so they must be handleable by a small choir. SATB is preferred, though some divisi is permitted. Instrumentalists, including solo voices, may be accommodated for if you feel your piece really needs them but do be aware that there is a limit placed on the number of parts/instrumentalists per piece. There is also a time limit for how long your piece can go for, but this should not prove too bothersome. Simply leave the epics until another time. Impartiallity in judging the competition (because it is a competition as well as a fun challenge and it does have a nice prize!) will be ensured through the use of psuedonyms. Pick your own or leave it to the ROCS Committee (who are neither eligibe to enter nor judging) to allocate one for you. We will be as creative as possible!


For a full list of the regulations and an entry form, please contact the committee via the CONTACT US page.


We wish you fun with your creating and can't wait to see and hear your pieces!