Founded in 1999, ROCS is a choir funded by RMIT Link Arts to increase the musical opportunities for RMIT students on campus. The choir rehearses and performs throughout the year, holding a major concert in each semester. ROCS performs a wide variety of music, and focuses on developing the skills of its members. ROCS is a non-auditioned choir, and you do not have to be an RMIT student to sing with us. All you need is a love of music, a willingness to learn, and the dedication to attend a regular rehearsal schedule. We rehearse for two hours each Thursday night for as many weeks of the year as we have enough members interested in turning up.


MANGA (Music from Anime and Games Acapella was formed by a subgroup of ROCS with special interests. We perform songs from games and anime of all types, limited only by the imaginations (and sometimes the arranging skills) of our members. This choir is a 'technically auditioned' choir. What do we mean by this? If you are interested you can come along and sing with MANGA but you must pass your 'audition' phase before you are free to perform with the group. To pass your audition you must prove that you are able to hold your own part against other parts reliably. Do this either by showing up and singing consistently well until someone says 'yes', successfully audition for a solo or, alternatively, request a special audition specifically for MANGA. Rehearsing every Thursday in the hour before ROCS starts, MANGA is for those with the stamina for the longer rehearsal, the love of anime and games music and those who aren't afraid of a variety of languages.