The Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Association (AICSA) is the governing body which links university choral societies from around Australia together with a common goal: to support the growth and development of member choirs and choral music in Australia.


Once each year, the member choirs of AICSA gather for an Intervarsity Choral Festival (IVCF). The first such combined festival occurred in 1950, when Melbourne University Choral Society (MUCS) travelled to Sydney for a short rehearsal camp and a combined concert with Sydney University Musical Society (SUMS). At last count there were 13 member choirs. In addition, choristers from choirs which were once member-choirs but now no longer operate continue to stay in touch and attend festivals.


These festivals, held either in January or July to fit the university break schedule, are held in a different state each year and provide ample opportunity for fun and singing. They also offer a chance to learn and perform pieces that are too ambitious for a single choir, especially the smaller choirs, to perform alone. January 2017 saw Perth host the IVCF, with members performing Puccini & the Sacred.  The next IVCF will be held in Melbourne in January 2018. You can find out more about it on their website.


You can find out more about AICSA, past festivals and other member choirs by going to their website.